Standing Requirements

Annual Information Review

Clergy are required to fill out an Annual Information Review (AIR) form yearly so the Conference can maintain the most up to date ministry setting and contact information. It is also an opportunity to report on other standing requirements as well as request contact or other information from the Conference.

Anti-Racism/Diversity Training

Clergy are required to engage in anti-racism/diversity/racial justice training every two (2) years. This training must consist of six (6) contact hours and must be an interactive experience. It can be one of the trainings listed here or approved by the Subcommittee for Authorized Ministry. To propose a program for this requirement, fill out this form and submit to See Chang.

Power and Boundary Training

Clergy are required to undergo some form of Power and Boundary Training once every three (3) years. This training must consist of five (5) contact hours and must be one of the listed trainings below or approved by the Subcommittee for Authorized Ministry. To request an alternate program, fill out this form.

  • Enkei Resolutions Boundary Trainings: $60 per person per training; 11 am-2 pm (CT), Sept 4-5; participants who complete all six hours of their selected training will receive a certificate of completion. More information OR Register
  • Power and Boundary Training before the 2024 Annual Meeting: June 6, College of St. Benedict. Register
  • Leaderwise offers Boundary Trainings throughout the year that are approved for the standing requirements of authorized ministers in the Minnesota Conference. Please make sure you attend a program that is at least five (5) hours, and that you receive a certificate of completion to submit to See Chang,

Vocational Support Consultation

The Manual on Ministry recommends a Vocational Support Consultation with clergy every three to five years to “reduce isolation, honor the evolving call of the spirit, and provide for an ever-deepening relationship between the Committee on Ministry and those ministers who hold standing” in the Conference.

The Covenant Subcommittee of the Committee on Ministry organizes these consultations. If you would like to request a Vocational Support Consultation please contact See Chang at, or indicate this on your AIR form. You may also be contacted by a member of the Covenant Subcommittee for this important consultation. Please reply promptly if you are contacted.

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