Week One: Family Toolkit

Theme: Practice Paying Attention —Be Still

It’s a noisy, distracting, task-driven world. Practicing stillness provides an anchor to the present, allows us to appreciate life, marvel at the wonder of our own bodies, and get in touch with a deeper wisdom. Children (and adults) need opportunities to be quiet, times to settle their minds and find peace. Here we’ve provided a few fun, kid-friendly ideas to help you begin to weave intentional moments of stillness into your family life.

Scripture Text | Psalm 67

Three Wonderings


What happens when I am still?


What do I notice around and inside me when I slow down?


Where do I notice God (or love, or beauty, or kindness) when I am quiet and still?

Spiritual Practice

Join Rev. Emily Meyer, Director of The Ministry Lab, as she invites you to wonder and reflect in an audio recording.

Transcript available here.

Reflection & Music Video

Join musician Richard Bruxvoort Colligan as he invites you to reflect, wonder and connect with and through his original music and thoughts.

Creative Project

Continuous Line Drawing

playful, ages 3+

Materials: Pen/pencil/marker, paper

How To: Once you put your pen to the paper, you can’t lift it up again until you’re done with the drawing. There’s no wrong shape or line!

Time it Takes: Any amount


Breathing Buddies

calm, ages 2+

Materials: A stuffed animal or inanimate friend at home.

How To: Find a relatively quiet and open space and bring your stuffed animals with you. Lay down flat on your back, or in a relaxed upright position, whatever is more comfortable. Show your (child) partner how when you take a deep belly breath and put your animal on your belly, it rises and falls with your breath. Then, have them try it. From there, you can either complete some breaths together, counting aloud, or you can have the stuffed animal make a request for how many ‘rides’ they will get from you. Always return to the breath.

Time it Takes: 5-7 minutes

Caring for the Common Good Project

Create an “I Feel Peaceful” Mandala

Mindfulness and quiet set the stage within us for compassion and empathy – and feelings of interconnectedness. In fact, practicing kind, curious attention not only improves personal well-being but can also change how we treat others. Start by having each family member think and talk about how they cultivate inner peace. Then create an “I Feel Peaceful” Mandala together, focusing on self awareness and (if possible) quiet contemplation. Find instructions, reflection questions, and more book recommendations here.

Children’s Picture Book

Quiet (Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers), by Tomie de Paolo.

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