Week Four: Leader Toolkit

Theme: Practicing Community

Scripture Text | Luke 5:1-11
Jesus Calls the Disciples

Three Wonderings


How we can use our devices to create strong, healthy communities?


How welcoming am I and my community to people I/we meet? Would Jesus want to join our community?


How can we practice being partners with Jesus in creating spaces for faith-filled discussions?

Video Conversation & Reflection

Join Eli’jah Carroll, Mayflower UCC, Minneapolis and Pastor Sheri Nelson, UCC Outdoor Ministry Program Director for conversation and reflection.


Name New Friends

Playful, all ages 

Go for a neighborhood walk and playfully interact with your neighbors!

  • Find two squirrels and name them
  • Thank a maple tree for it’s sap (future maple syrup!)
  • Say hello to a bird by chirruping
  • Ask a puddle “How deep are you?”
  • Sing a song to something green

Creative Project

Community Kindness Map Project

Strong community matters. It provides a sense of connection and a place of belonging.  We can all help build a strong, welcoming community by sharing kindness and making a difference for others – wherever we find ourselves. This Community Kindness Map project will help kids and families think more intentionally about how they can help out.


How to

  • Provide families with this template or enjoy it as a group activity either online or in person.
  • After completing the project, have kids share what they plan to do to build a stronger community.

Additional Reflection & Resources

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