Week Five: Family Toolkit

Theme: Practicing Repentance

Video Conversation & Reflection

Join Amy Wick-Moore, UCC New Brighton and Pastor Sheri Nelson, UCC Outdoor Ministry Program Director for conversation and reflection.

Meditation Practice

Join Rev. Emily Meyer, Director of The Ministry Lab, as she invites you to wonder and reflect in the audio recording below.

Transcript available here.

Caring for the Common Good Project

Do More Good, Live Generously

A UCC Prayer of Confession tells us that “the wrong we do is made worse by the good we leave undone.” Reflect together with your group on that prayer.


  • What does it mean to “leave good undone”? Can you think of times you’ve done that?
  • What good have you done for others? What good have others done for you?
  • How can we be intentional about leaving less good “undone” moving forward?

How to

  • Distribute the Live Generously Bingo, read some of the prompts.
  • Encourage children and families to fill in the blank spaces with their own ideas of how to “do more good.”
  • Then have them post their BINGO card somewhere they’ll notice it every day.
  • Ask families to complete 5 in a row. Then encourage them to keep going and complete every square!
  • If you’d like, offer recognition to children and families that complete a row – or the entire card.

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