Week Four: Family Toolkit

Theme: Practicing Community

Scripture Text | Luke 5:1-11
Jesus Calls the Disciples

Three Wonderings


How we can use our devices to create strong, healthy communities?


How welcoming am I and my community to people I/we meet? Would Jesus want to join our community?


How can we practice being partners with Jesus in creating spaces for faith-filled discussions?

Video Conversation & Reflection

Join Eli’jah Carroll, Mayflower UCC, Minneapolis and Pastor Sheri Nelson, UCC Outdoor Ministry Program Director for conversation and reflection.

Meditation Practice

Join Rev. Emily Meyer, Director of The Ministry Lab, as she invites you to wonder and reflect in the audio recording below.

Transcript available here.

Creative Project

Community Map


How To

  1. Using the template (or make your own), write your name or draw an image representing you in the middle of a piece of paper.
  2. In an oval surrounding your name/image, draw or write nearby people/places/experiences you love and rely on (eg: my mom, a park, friends/playmates, grocery store, cousins, our community garden…)
  3. In a second oval, draw or write people/places/experiences you love and depend on to which you don’t have daily access to (eg: grandparents in Wisconsin, the Boundary Waters, the smell of dirt warming up in the spring…)
  4. In a third, biggest oval, draw or write places/people/experiences that are meaningful to you but that you won’t ever go to, meet or feel (eg: the moon, Harriet Tubman, the cacao trees that make chocolate…)
  5. Finally, if you’d like, connect your ‘dots’ or draw lines or imagery that helps you see all of the relationships between all of your community parts.

Drawing by Catherine Cordasco


Mr. Rogers Neighborhood Sing-a-long

Playful, all ages 

We all know Mr. Rogers, even if we didn’t watch him in our youth. His messages are timeless! An easy ‘in’ to his neighborhood is to join him in singing his famous song, Won’t You Be My Neighbor

For more trips down memory lane, or to introduce your kids to an icon, visit Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood. This page has links to various parts of his world, as well as some fun behind-the-scenes footage. By observing and reflecting on his community, you’ll inevitably explore and reflect on yours.

Caring for the Common Good

Community Clean-Up

As the snow melts, garbage emerges, so this is a great time to organize a neighborhood clean-up. It’s a fun, easy way to create a more welcoming community. In addition, picking up litter from the streets, parks and open spaces prevents clogged storm drains, protects wildlife (and kids!), keeps costs down and inspires others to beautify your neighborhood too.


  • Bucket
  • Gloves
  • Safety vests (optional)
  • Camera (optional)
  • Pick-up sticks (optional, but fun)

How to

  • Get together with family, friends and neighbors, while maintaining appropriate social distancing.
  • Pick up litter! Take a few digital photos of your project in action.
  • Once your clean-up is complete, consider becoming an Apprentice Ecologist through Nicodemus Wilderness Project. Write an essay about your project and what it meant to you and send it along your favorite photo. They’ll feature your project on their Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists and you may be eligible for a scholarship.

Children’s Picture Book

Maybe I Can Love My Neighbor Too by Jennifer Grant

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