Week Seven: Leader Toolkit

Theme: Practice Paying Attention — Blessing

Barbara Brown Taylor writes: “The most ordinary things are drenched in divine possibility. Pronouncing blessings upon them is the least we can do.”

The practice of blessing is slowing down, seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary, and wishing the best for all beings with sincerity and an open, generous heart. It’s a true gift, an expression of our inner spirit, and provides solace, hope and encouragement in a challenging time. When sharing blessings – and listening for them – becomes a daily practice, it can be transformative, bringing love and forgiveness into the world and peace into your own soul.

Scripture Text | Mark 14:3-9

Three Wonderings


What would it mean to be a person to give Blessings?


What does it mean to be a person who receives Blessings?


How could you practice acts of Blessing with the people you see today?

Spiritual Practice

Join Rev. Emily Meyer, Director of The Ministry Lab, as she invites you to wonder and reflect in an audio recording.

Transcript available here.

Creative Project

Illuminate a Blessing

Creative, thoughtful, online friendly, ages 4+

Materials: Variable 

How To: Holding a favorite blessing in your mind and heart, come up with a creative way to accompany it. Try  a drawing, sounds, music, dance or anything else!

Share your Illuminated Blessing with your family or friends, in person, socially distanced or online.

Time it Takes: 5 min+

Caring for the Common Good Projects

Work with your congregation or group to assemble a number of Blessing Bags.

  • Check in with local homeless shelters or individuals to see what is needed in your community (for example, many people are in need of Android phone chargers)
  • Create checklists for the Care Kits your group
  • Organize safe distribution of the Kits to those in need

Organize a Zoom Care Package or Blessing Bag Creation Session

Set up a virtual meeting for congregants to gather together to brainstorm and assemble their care kits in community.

  • Find a time 1-2 weeks away to set up a Zoom meeting or Google Hangout.
  • Invite participants via email, welcoming them to join you in making Care Kits. Include in your email:
    • a checklist of items they will want to have on hand
    • prompt them to think of specific people to make the care kits for
    • invite them to bring warm tea and treats.
  • Meet via Zoom and hang out, with no pressure to watch each other, just to be in company. Share blessings in your own life as you gather together items for your care kits. Support your participants in their effort and enjoy!

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