Week Five: Leader Toolkit

Theme: Practice Paying Attention — Humility

Humility opens our hearts to gratitude. It allows us to become more awake to our profound interconnectedness, see beyond ourselves and feel deep appreciation for the gifts others offer the world. Research tells us that when we become aware of the value of others, it uplifts us and spurs us to be more generous and kind. Here are some fun ways to inspire the deeply entwined values of humility and gratitude in your family.

Scripture Text | Genesis 2:4b-7

Three Wonderings


I wonder what it means to be an image of God?


I wonder what it looks like to treat everyone else as an image of God?


I wonder why we sometimes imagine we are greater than or lesser than others?

Spiritual Practice

Join Rev. Emily Meyer, Director of The Ministry Lab, as she invites you to wonder and reflect in an audio recording.

Transcript available here.

Creative Project

Out of Your Hands Drawing Game

Creative, inquisitive, sensory, online friendly, ages 4+

Materials: A random object, paper, drawing materials 

How To:

  • One person finds a random object in the home (the weirder, the better!), hides it from the other players’ views and describes it to them. The other players make drawings based on the description. If you are describing the object, stick to objective details, so the other players can’t easily guess what the object is.Take a look at the drawings and enjoy the wacky, collaborative art you just made!

Time it takes: 10 min+

Special thanks to my friend, songstress Anna Laura Quinn for playing games with me.


Mirror Game

Creative, physical, online friendly, ages 2+

How To: In Emily Meyer’s spiritual practice this week (see above), she invites you to do mirroring with humans and elements of the natural world. This is a game you can play literally anywhere, and it can be fun to try it impromptu or planned. To increase the complexity for older kids, you can try new ‘filters’, like: opposite mirror; fun house mirror (like you’d find at a carnival); slow/fast mirror. The goal in any version of this game is to physically and playfully give the lead to another person, and to practice taking the lead. Note: As adults we are often most comfortable leading with our children; are there ways to let them show us toward a new wisdom or perspective?

Time it takes: 25-30 minutes

Caring for the Common Good Project

Expanding Your Circle of Concern

Humility means being aware of the web of people that make our lives possible, especially those falling outside our immediate “circle of concern.” Think about grocery store clerks, delivery people, first responders, bus drivers, sanitation workers – and many others. The pandemic has helped spotlight these essential workers, who are often invisible to us (and often poorly paid), as they risk their lives to provide needed services. Talk to your children about these workers, the critical difference they make — and then consider how you can show your gratitude. First, advocate to support low-wage workers and their families. Then spend a few minutes displaying your appreciation by decorating and displaying this poster for delivery folks, creating larger DIY gratitude signs for your yard or window, or sharing handmade thank you cards and letters with the individuals whose efforts make a difference in your lives.

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