Week Seven: Family Toolkit

Theme: Practice Paying Attention — Blessing

Barbara Brown Taylor writes: “The most ordinary things are drenched in divine possibility. Pronouncing blessings upon them is the least we can do.”

The practice of blessing is slowing down, seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary, and wishing the best for all beings with sincerity and an open, generous heart. It’s a true gift, an expression of our inner spirit, and provides solace, hope and encouragement in a challenging time. When sharing blessings – and listening for them – becomes a daily practice, it can be transformative, bringing love and forgiveness into the world and peace into your own soul.

Scripture Text | Mark 14:3-9

Three Wonderings


What would it mean to be a person to give Blessings?


What does it mean to be a person who receives Blessings?


How could you practice acts of Blessing with the people you see today?

Spiritual Practice

Join Rev. Emily Meyer, Director of The Ministry Lab, as she invites you to wonder and reflect in an audio recording.

Transcript available here.

Reflection & Music Video

Join musician Richard Bruxvoort Colligan as he invites you to reflect, wonder and connect with and through his original music and thoughts.

Common Good + Creative Project + Games

This week we offer one main project to encompass the theme of blessing: Care Packages (or, Blessing Bags). Below are Two Care Package ideas with checklists for sharing (and receiving) blessings in tangible, creative, thoughtful and connected ways.

Care Package. Send a package to someone you know personally who is isolated, and include:

  • A handwritten note
  • A drawing or coloring page. Make your own, or use this one
  • A game they can play and share with you over the phone or online. For example a riddle, a crossword puzzle, a Mad Lib, or use this one
  • Share an article, recipe newspaper clipping that you’ve been enjoying
  • A photo of you/your family

Blessing Bag. Assemble bags that you keep in your car, ready to hand out to the unhoused in your community. For a complete checklist of items, visit Doing Good Together’s call-to-action. Items you’ll include:

  • cheerful cards of encouragement for each kit
  • resealable plastic bags or gently-used backpacks
  • essentials like toothpaste, soap and a small towel

Children’s Picture Book

And Here’s to You (Penguin Random House), David Elliott

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