Easter Family Toolkit

Theme: Practicing Resurrection

Scripture Text | Luke 24:1-12, The women discover the empty tomb

Three Wonderings


What are the doubts I have about faith and resurrection? Who can I go to with these doubts?


How can I reimagine my faith that allows for doubt AND trust?


How does faith in God’s love resurrect in me a desire to act for change in the world?

Video Conversation & Reflection

Join Rev. Rick King, Falcon Heights UCC, Falcon Heights and Pastor Sheri Nelson, UCC Outdoor Ministry Program Director for conversation and reflection. 

Meditation Practice

Join Rev. Emily Meyer, Director of The Ministry Lab, as she invites you to wonder and reflect in the audio recording below.

Transcript available here.

Creative Project

Imagining a Different World

Ages 3+, artistic, imaginative

Using our imaginations can help us envision more just and compassionate solutions to challenges we face. In this project, we practice imagining what the world would be like with a few tweaks.

Materials: Drawing, collage and/or writing materials

How toPick from the following prompts and use one (or more!) to inspire a drawing, collage, poem, story or sculpture based on what the world might be like. Collaborate and/or talk about the prompt you chose as you work on it. As always, feel free to create your own prompt!

A world where…

  • …flowers grew as big as buildings!
  • …everyone has plenty to eat and a place to live.
  • …we have roller skates instead of feet! 
  • …you can talk to other animals.

For the Love of Essential Workers by Stephanie Mercado


New Life Scavenger Hunt

All ages, active, observational

Spring is full of new life, especially when we really go looking for it! Find signs, symbols and experiences of new life inside and outside of your house. 

Use this downloadable scavenger hunt or make your own with this scavenger template

Photo by Ravi Roshan

Caring for the Common Good

Practice Kindness for Easter

The message of Easter is love and hope. Here are some acts of kindness to make your Easter celebration a little more fun, meaningful and inspiring:

  • Hide kindness messages (and a few treats) in plastic eggs and distribute them in your neighborhood.
  • Fill an Easter basket for someone who needs a little cheer and leave it on their doorstep.
  • Decorate a clay pot, plant a flower and gift it to someone who can’t get outside easily.
  • Easter celebrates new life. You can too.
  • Hold a diaper drive (or just purchase a few boxes) and donate them to Diaper Drive Minnesota or your local family shelter. 
  • Purchase a Newborn Kit to donate through UNICEF.
  • Assemble Baby Kits for Lutheran World Relief. 
  • Leave messages of hope with sidewalk chalk.
  • Make paper flowers and share them to brighten someone’s day. 


Children’s Picture Book

Chicken Sunday by Patricia Polacco

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