Theme: Nativity

This birth can happen to us tonight. It is the birth of a child whose name is love in each of our wounded hearts. It is the birth of a child whose name is grace in each of our broken lives. It is the birth of a child whose name is warmth in every cold corner of our being. You have but to give yourself to this magical birth and your own soul will flutter like angel’s wings.

Scripture Text | Luke 2:1-20

Three Wonderings


What good news can we share right now?


Have you ever received good news that at first seemed hard or scary?


What unexpected places might we find God today?

Reflection & Music Video

Join Claire Klein as she invites you to reflect, wonder, and connect through a creative telling of the scripture story and music.

Story from Luke 2:1-20; Interpretation by Claire Klein; Special Guest Remus Lupin the dog. Costumes provided by Rosetown Playhouse; “Angels We Have Heard on High” – Traditional carol, public domain

Home Advent Candle Lighting Ritual

Use this document for guidance on daily rituals, and listen to Claire’s beautiful Light One Candle song. Audio guide to Wednesday’s Blue and White family spiritual practice.

Contemplative Practice for Parents

Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina, Latin for “divine reading,” is an experiential way of reading that engages the mind, heart, and imagination. This practice encourages participants to listen beneath and through the text rather than reading for comprehension or information – wandering unhurriedly through the passage or story, noticing what captures one’s attention and touches one’s soul.

This Christmas we offer reflections by the writer and UCC minister, David Butler.  

Lectio Divina Christmas

Creative Project / Game

Share Good News!

This week is a time for sharing and connecting. Have you procrastinated writing holiday notes? Already signed and sent lovely photo cards? Whether or not you usually send holiday wishes, we encourage you to share good news with your friends, family, neighborhood and community. We’ve provided a visual prompt to help get you started. It includes spaces to share one (or more!) pieces of good news related to our Advent weekly themes: Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love. Download the pdf, fill it out, take a photo or scan it, and then email it on! Don’t let the great enough get in the way of the good enough. We ALL need to hear good news from each other right now. So share yours! It’s a gift. 

And if you want a quiet Christmas activity, download and print these coloring pages, which can also be printed double-sided and folded in half to make a coloring book. 

Children’s Books

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