Week Two: Advent Family Toolkit

Theme: Peace

Surely the peace of the world begins with the peace of a heart. We are reminded that there is a peace of God which passes all understanding. At the core of each of us, if we but listen, there is a still, small voice which can calm our fears, quiet our lives, and dispel our desperation. At the heart of each of us, if we but seek it, there is a spirit that rests in the grace of God.

—David E. Butler, from Seasons of Hope: Readings for the Liturgical Year

Scripture Text | Luke 2:25-38

Three Wonderings


Who do you know who could teach you about peace?


How can we find peace when we feel like arguing or fighting?


How might God lead us toward peacefulness?

Reflection & Music Video

Join Claire Klein as she invites you to reflect, wonder, and connect through a creative telling of the scripture story and music.

Story from Luke 2:25-38; Interpretation by Claire Klein and Jacob Ristow; Costumes provided by Rosetown Playhouse; “Peace, Salaam, Shalom” by Pat Humpries and Sandy Opatow of Emma’s Revolution. Please support them here

Home Advent Candle Lighting Ritual

Use this document for guidance on daily rituals, and listen to Claire’s beautiful Light One Candle song. Audio guide to Wednesday’s Blue and White family spiritual practice.

Contemplative Practice for Parents

Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina, Latin for “divine reading,” is an experiential way of reading that engages the mind, heart, and imagination. This practice encourages you and your family to listen beneath the text rather than reading for comprehension or information – noticing what captures one’s attention and touches one’s soul.

Lectio Divina Week Two

Creative Project / Game

Snowball Drawing

Materials: Snow, heavy paper (i.e. watercolor paper), mud. Optional: food coloring, old leaves

How to:

  • Make a snowball that is smaller than your piece of paper.
  • Roll any or all of these into the snowball: mud, leaves, powdered chalk, or a dash of food coloring (food coloring will make it a bit messier on your hands!).
  • Place the snowball on your paper and tilt the paper in various directions as the snowball melts and/or leave it to melt in one place.

Drawing by Andy Goldsworthy.

Caring for the Common Good

Create Messages of Love and Hope!

Kids for Peace invites the world to come together to share uplifting messages while making the world’s longest paper-chain ever — demonstrating that we truly are connected and we are all in this together! Their plan is to set a new Guinness World Record by creating a 110+ mile inspirational paper-chain, collecting 1.5 million links of recycled/reused paper, each with a message of LOVE & HOPE for the world.

Materials: recycled paper/cardboard (thin enough to mail); scissors; tape measure/ruler; markers

How to:

  • Measure & Cut Links: Each strip must be between 11 inches – 18 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. You may make as many links as you’d like. There is no limit per person!
  • Decorate Links with Love & Hope: Get creative! Share messages of LOVE and HOPE for the world (avoid gluing 3-dimensional objects).
  • Place Links In An Envelope: You may fold the links in half if needed.  DO NOT turn your links into a chain – we will assemble the chain once the “social distancing” mandate is lifted.
  • Mail Your Links to Kids for Peace HQ: Put the finished links in an envelope addressed to Kids for Peace 1302 Pine Avenue, Carlsbad, CA 92008, USA. Please include your return address on the envelope so we can track where all the links are coming from. Add the necessary postage.

Children’s Books

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