Week One: Advent Family Toolkit

Theme: Hope

Hope is for those who feel the ache of the world. Hope is for those who agonize at human cruelty … Hope is for those whose souls can find no other balm …We are those who listen for the voice of angels on the wind; who stretch to see the first light of a new day on the horizon; who long for a new birth of grace in every human heart. We wait. We listen. We hope.

—David E. Butler, from Seasons of Hope: Readings for the Liturgical Year

Scripture Text | Luke 1:5-24

Three Wonderings


When was a time you were both looking forward to and fearful about something?


Who can you talk to when you are afraid?


How does God feel when you are afraid? How does God feel when you have hope?

Reflection & Music Video

Join Claire Klein as she invites you to reflect, wonder, and connect through a creative telling of the scripture story and music.

Story from Luke 1:5-24; Interpretation by Claire Klein and Jacob Ristow; Costumes provided by Rosetown Playhouse; “Don’t Be Afraid” by John Bell.

Home Advent Candle Lighting Ritual

Use this document for guidance on daily rituals, and listen to Claire’s beautiful Light One Candle song.

Contemplative Practice for Parents

Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina, Latin for “divine reading,” is an experiential way of reading that engages the mind, heart, and imagination. This practice encourages you and your family to listen beneath the text rather than reading for comprehension or information – noticing what captures one’s attention and touches one’s soul.

Lectio Divina Week 1

Creative Project / Game

Hope and Fears Collage

Materials: loose paper, newspaper, magazines, glue, scissors, poster board/cardboard.

How to:

  • Create a list of your hopes and fears.
  • Consider hopes and fears you have for yourself, your family, the broader community and for all creation.
  • Create a collage using images you find or make and words you write or cut out.

Caring for the Common Good

Send a Star of Hope

Materials: paper, decorating supplies

Stars of HOPE is a national healing arts program that invites all ages to support individuals and communities in need of hope through the power of art. Children can send a personalized Star of Hope to a senior who is struggling from loneliness as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Seniors tell children about themselves, such as favorite pets, colors, and childhood memories. Then kids send a handmade star picture to a senior who needs it. Visit their Star Sunshine Connection project page to learn more about this fun, simple way to bring hope to isolated older adults.

Children’s Books

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