Living Table UCC Finds Creative Solution to Sustainability

Living Table United Church of Christ joins forces with Lake Nokomis Lutheran Church and Spirit of St. Stephen's Catholic Community to build sustainability, community and increased focus on mission through a shared building.

In the Middle of this Mess

Today is Epiphany, when we recall the journey of the Magi to see the Christ Child in Bethlehem…We imagine them arriving with great pomp and circumstance, kneeling with reverence before a simple manger that cradled an unexpected kind of king…Yet in reality the picture was far more complicated than this. From the beginning, the Magi’s search for the Christ Child was fraught with complicated politics, sinister manipulations, and dangerous possibilities.

Speaking Hope in a Time of Chaos and Grief

I have no words adequate to the task of speaking hope into the sea of chaos and grief that has been the reality for so many this year. I have learned over many years that when I am at a loss for words, the Spirit may be inviting me to stop, be still, listen, and wonder.

Love in a Long December

In the liturgical season of Advent, this fourth Sunday is about love. Amidst our blue Christmas, chocked full of grief and loss, we hold fast to what love has wrought us. Love has given us not only the people we miss but also those quarantined alongside us.

Joy: An Advent Devotional

Verse four of the Psalm is a reminder for us to continue to make a “joyful noise” and for all the earth to sing praises of joy.

What is Happening at Our Southern Border?

Listen to the December 7 discussion with Dora Rodriguez, an advocate and activist for migrant rights; Nellie Jo David, a member of the Hia-Ced O’odham tribe; and Dan Millis, program manager for Sierra Club Borderlands.
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