Prophetic Witness

The Minnesota Conference joins God’s mission to transform the world, extending a prophetic call for mercy, justice and humility in the name of Christ. We combine our voices and our efforts, exercising leadership as a Conference to further courageous action in four areas:

Creation Justice

We covenant with each other and Minnesota Conference UCC churches to ensure the protection of God’s planet; confront the issues of abuse of creation, human suffering, and intersectionality with race, class, gender, and ableism; and launch ourselves to action beyond church walls.

Creation Justice offers three recognitions:

  • Accessibility: congregations are called to advocate to ensure accessibility for all
  • Earthwise: congregations are called to enhance and expand their “green footprint”
  • Just Peace: congregations are called to advocate for and be a visible presence on matters of peace and justice

The Creation Justice Team invites the members and friends of the Minnesota Conference United Church of Christ to support the Peace Fund through an annual Peace Fund Offering. Learn more.


The Immigration Team invites the Conference to participate in local immigration events and initiatives and encourages congregations to become “Immigrant Welcoming,” offering a menu of activities, resources and suggestions to inform what the process might look like for a specific community. If your congregation is interested in becoming an Immigrant Welcoming Congregation, these resources can help you. The Immigration Team is also actively engaged in work related to the resolution passed to make Minnesota a Sanctuary State.

Open and Affirming

The Minnesota Conference UCC is an Open and Affirming (ONA) conference. We are inclusive and welcoming of all LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) people. We were active in the “Vote No” campaign to defeat the anti-marriage equality amendment in 2012 in Minnesota and were faith leaders in helping pass the marriage equality bill in 2013. View the list of Open and Affirming churches in Minnesota OR download the list.

Racial Justice

As a demonstration of its commitment to racial justice, at its 2014 Annual Meeting, the Minnesota Conference UCC passed a resolution in support of dismantling racism and creating diversity in the Minnesota Conference. As a part of that resolution, a commitment was made to provide training workshops and opportunities for relationship building at every Annual Meeting.


A full list of the resolutions passed by the Minnesota Conference UCC is available here. The list includes issues such as reparations for racial justice, divestment in fossil fuels, gun violence, Israel-Palestine, and more.

Resolutions are considered at the Annual Meeting. Read more about the resolution process.

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