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We don’t know what Covid-19 has in store for us in 2021, but we are planning some new in-person activities, keeping our fingers crossed that we won’t have to cancel. In the wilds of the unknowns, we continue to plan and prepare. We will work with creation, not against it.

Educational Journey to Enbridge Line 3 Site

Saturday, May 15
Wednesday, May 26
Outdoor Ministry, MN Conference invites you to participate in an educational journey to Palisade, MN, the place where Enbridge Line 3 and the Water Protectors collide for the rights to sacred lands that cross the Mississippi, rice lakes, and one of the most important watershed systems in the world. MN Interfaith Power and Light will lead the discussion on the controversial Line 3, introduce us to some of the Water Protectors and residents directly affected by the tar sands pipeline, and invite us to pray with them over the Mississippi.
Congregations, families, and individuals may register for one or both events. Download an info sheet.

Creation Justice Series

What a wonderful series this has been! Over four Zoom events, talented speakers presented on different environmental topics for individuals, families, and congregations. Together we considered our sacred connections to the lands, waters, and air and how to respond to the global environmental crisis.

Planetary Health- Co-Creating a Better Future for All
April 22, 7:00-8:30 pm

What do COVID-19, structural racism, and the devastating wildfires in the western United States have in common? They are all symptoms of a planet in multi-system failure. In this presentation with Teddie M. Potter, PhD, RN, FAAN, you will learn about the human health consequences of the human caused disruptions of Earth’s natural systems. You will also learn that it is not too late for all of us to work together to co-create a healthier future. Learn more

Previous Creation Justice Events

“Kiss the Ground” documentary discussion with Rep. Todd Lippert and the Land Stewardship Project
April 10, 10-11:30 am

Right now, soil might be the last thing on your mind. But when the future of our planet and humankind is at stake, nothing may be more important than regenerating the ground beneath us. We’re in need of a kind of hope we’ve never felt before. “Kiss the Ground” unveils a game-changer to our climate crisis: the Earth’s own soil. This film is creating a movement to solve one of our greatest challenges: balancing the climate and securing our future. Learn more about the documentary and panel discussion

What is Permaculture?
March 18, 7:00-8:30 pm

Heidi Morlock and Hans Peterson related stories of experimenting for 20 years with permaculture principles and sustainable agriculture at both the garden and farm scale. They shared ideas to support a transition to a more just food and farming system. The workshop covered theory related to sustainable farming/gardening as well as practical examples to consider in your own garden design or advocacy work.

How Then Shall We Live? Putting Faith Values into Earth Practice
February 18, 7:00- 8:30 pm

Christian faith like other religions calls us to live in harmony with the planet and peace with one another. But how exactly do we do that in our daily lives in the society in which we live? How do we choose our next steps amid the myriad of “green” options? What makes the most impact? What practice can we sustain? What deepens our growth and relationships? Whether you have been responding to the climate crisis for years or are just beginning, this session will help you take the next step. Learn more

The Green Awakening: Churches and Environmental Justice Today
January 14, 7:00-8:30 pm

In the 1730s and 40s, Christian revivalism caught hold as the First Great Awakening swept through the colonies and ultimately formed part of our UCC heritage. The next Great Awakening will be a Green Awakening, and the UCC can play a significant role in leading it. In this Zoom Gathering, the Rev. Brooks Berndt will outline how caring for God’s creation is central to our DNA as Christians, how the UCC has led the way in the past with the launch of the environmental justice movement to address environmental racism, and how there are a plethora of resources available to assist congregations in fulfilling their calling as caretakers of creation and champions of justice. Learn more

Other Events in 2021

  • Fall Conference Youth Event, October 8-10 at Osprey Wilds Environmental Learning Center
  • Families Canoe Adventures, three one-day events (dates TBA)
  • Women’s Retreats, Wilderness Retreat, September 24-26, plus  another TBA
  • Men’s Retreat, September 24-26, Osprey Wilds Environmental Learning Center
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