Church Giving

We are in ministry together!

The Minnesota Conference United Church of Christ is your partner in bringing ministry to people across the state with programs and services that helps your congregation be a faithful witness to the Still Speaking God. Through your support of the Per Capita Annual Dues, Our Church’s Wider Mission (OCWM), and other Special Offerings, we make a difference – together! Download a helpful brochure with more details.

Per Capita Annual Dues

Each year, congregations are asked to pay $10 per person in their church to support the covenantal ministries of the Minnesota Conference. 100% of these funds are used for:

  • Congregational support during times of leadership transition
  • Assistance with interim ministry
  • Help in the pastoral search and call process
  • Supporting pastors as they navigate their ministry in your church

Our Church’s Wider Mission

Our Church’s Wider Mission (OCWM) is the denominational connection between the national setting of the United Church of Christ and the Minnesota Conference. 65.25% of your church’s gifts to OCWM stay in Minnesota as general support of the work of your Conference. The other 34.75% of your OCWM gift is shared with our UCC national setting and global ministries. Examples include:

  • Denominational identity
  • Clergy continuing education
  • Keeping and maintaining profiles of ministers and congregations seeking new leadership
  • Global disaster and emergency relief
  • Justice-related projects
  • Expanding and growing UCC churches
  • Supporting retired clergy and church workers, and clergy families in need

United Church of Christ Special Offerings

In additions to OCWM, the national setting of the United Church of Christ has four special offerings throughout the year.

  • Neighbors in Need supports UCC churches who are developing justice projects.
  • One Great Hour of Sharing offering provides emergency disaster relief, refugee ministries, and human development at home and across the globe
  • Strengthen the Church provides funding for the expansion of ministry and growth of the UCC by providing resources to develop new and existing churches, train church leaders, and support faith formation. 50% of your contributions to Strengthen the Church offering are put to work in the Minnesota Conference.
  • The Christmas Fund provides financial assistance for clergy families and provides supplements to low income, retired church workers.

Together, OCWM and the UCC four Special Offerings make up your church’s “5 for 5” annual support.

How to Give

  • Mail your payment to the Minnesota Conference UCC office at 122 W. Franklin Ave, Suite #200, Minneapolis, MN  55404.
  • Pay online
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