Board of Directors Appoints Amos Task Force to Address Racial Injustice

Twelve diverse clergy from across the Conference have been recruited to serve on the Amos Task Force to shape both short- and longer-term responses to racial injustice in Minnesota and in our Conference.

Justice Talk to Justice Walk: Building Awareness, Strengthening Our Resolve

A new webinar series, “Justice Talk to Justice Walk: Building Awareness, Strengthening Our Resolve,” launches June 30. The first in the series features Rev. Traci Blackmon.

Youth and Young Adults Connecting for Racial Justice

The Minnesota Conference is partnering with staff from the national setting of the UCC to host and facilitate a series of online gatherings for youth and young adults to give voice to the unrest they are experiencing.

Conference Minister Shari Prestemon Shares State of the Conference Address

Rev. Shari Prestemon shared a powerful and inspiring State of the Conference address with us during our time together on June 13.

UCC Youth Speak Up & Out

This summer, three young adults are interning with the Conference to engage other youth in important work and activities. Here's a look at the amazing work they've been doing.

Responding to the Murder of George Floyd

More than 20,000 people participated in and viewed the virtual vigil to grieve the murder of George Floyd and to issue a call to action, and dozens of clergy joined two silent marches organized by black clergy.

In Memory of George Floyd: What Shall We Say as Church?

“Please. Please. I can’t breathe.” That desperate plea was among the last words spoken by George Floyd, a black man who was killed on Monday night at the corner of 38th and Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis.

Broadening Engagement with Youth and Young Adults

We are delighted to welcome three young people who are serving as Youth Engagement & Social Media Interns this summer. Read more about them and their plans.

Making Worship Work for People with Dementia

Music therapist and seminary student Claire Klein brings her knowledge, skills and passion to improving worship for people with dementia.

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the McMahills’ Ordination

Fifty years ago, Rev. David McMahill and Rev. Jane Adkisson McMahill embarked upon remarkable careers in ministry. Read about their journey as the UCC celebrates the 50th anniversary of their ordination.