COMMAnts from Rev. David B. Lindsey

Grace and peace to you,

April was a busy month for our staff, with most of us on the road for a portion of it. In my case, I was honored to attend an ordination in Wayzata, a church anniversary in Mankato, and an installation in New Albin, Iowa. At each of these events, the Holy Spirit was clearly at work!

Even as the Spirit is with us in times of celebration, it is also here in times of sadness and transition. Today, we share the news that our beloved staff member Sandy Kellen will retire at the end of June (see article below).

And speaking of transitions … last month, a subgroup of the Board of Directors received nominations for the Search Committee for the Settled Conference Minister. As deliberations finish up this month, the team will be introduced and blessed at Annual Meeting in June. The committee’s work begins this summer to prepare a profile and start the search process. The hope is to have a candidate to introduce at the Annual Meeting in 2025. I say this date but also remind us that God’s timing is not always our own!

I thank our team for weathering these transitions and continuing to show up to do the work of God! As we pivot to focus on the Annual Meeting in June, we will be working hard with our volunteer partners to make our gathering at the College of Saint Benedict the best possible experience.

I want to acknowledge that we are entering a time of year that is filled with milestones and transitions, especially graduations. This year, many universities across the nation (including the University of Minnesota) are struggling with how to balance free speech with campus safety when it comes to protests related to what’s happening in Gaza. I don’t have great answers for how to handle this situation, but my heart goes out to anyone and everyone affected by the tragedies and violence in the Middle East. As someone who has been involved in interfaith work for decades, I am especially concerned for Jewish and Muslim friends whose families are directly impacted.

In the midst of sorrows, joys, and everything in between, God is with us through the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. May you be open to however the Spirit is moving in and around you right now. And may we all receive God’s guidance in the days to come.


Rev. David B. Lindsey

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