Proposed Bylaws Change for Committee to Dismantle White Supremacy

This year at our Annual Meeting we will be voting on a proposed change to the Minnesota Conference UCC Bylaws. At the March 2 Board of Directors meeting, a new Committee to Dismantle White Supremacy was proposed, accepted, and moved forward for Conference vote at the Annual Meeting in June. There will be a Zoom hearing on Tuesday, June 4, about these changes. That is the ideal time to ask questions and express opinions on the changes. There were not any resolutions received for vote before the deadline this year.


The Board moves to forward the following amendment to the Bylaws of the Minnesota Conference United Church of Christ to the membership for vote at the 2024 annual meeting.

Bylaw change

Committee to Dismantle White Supremacy
This committee will be a catalyst for dismantling the culture of white supremacy in the Minnesota Conference and for imagining a new and more life-giving way of being church. The Committee will work collaboratively with the conference’s board, committees, and working groups to ensure that they remain aligned in the conference’s anti-racism work. It will provide oversight and accountability through its reporting function to the conference. Its intersectional focus on anti-racism will position it to not only hold a mirror up to the conference, but also to look outward to build networks of mutuality and accountability with our ecumenical and missional partners. The committee will consist of six (6) to eight (8) members nominated by the Nominating Work Group and elected at the Annual Meeting.  Members are required to demonstrate a commitment to the church’s calling to identify and dismantle instances of systemic racism, and to be in solidarity with people of color, both within and outside of the spaces of the MN Conference.  The duties of this committee shall include.

  1. Work collaboratively with members of the Conference, including staff, Board of Directors, standing committees, ministry teams, congregations and clergy to develop and implement strategies to address systemic racism in the conference.
  2. Consult with conference staff, board, and committees to measure progress on the conference’s anti-racism efforts.
  3. Report on the conference’s anti-racism efforts regularly to the Board of Directors and at the Annual Meeting.
  4. Advise the Conference Minister in their public ministry on issues of systemic racism.
  5. Further the conference’s prophetic witness goals by catalyzing direct actions benefiting people of color.
  6. Be in solidarity with, and accountable to, anti-racist people of color within and outside the Conference.
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