A Pause to Practice

Cost: $20/person ages 12 and up; $5 for ages 5-11; free for ages 4 and younger  Scholarships available upon request. Contact Rev. Kevin Brown at kevinb@uccmn.org or Rev. Sheri Nelson at sherin@uccmn.org for more information.

August 5: REGISTER by July 30

August 6: REGISTER by July 30

This retreat time is an opportunity for people—young and old—to pause and explore a group of different spiritual practices. Our exploration will take place inside and out, as weather allows. Spiritual practices open up our connection with ourselves, with others, with creation, and with God. Through them we grow in self-awareness and compassion. They can provide a calm grounding in moments of challenge. We engage in spiritual practices alone and with others. Practices invite us out of our heads into all of who we are, engaging our senses, our emotions, and often our playful sides. They strengthen our vitality from the inside out. A Pause to Practice is an invitation to learn and grow.

Retreat Leader
Rev. Dr. Martha Brunell is an experienced UCC pastor and teacher with significant experience as a spiritual director, a retreat and workshop leader, and a writer. She finds particular joy accompanying others:

  • as they awaken to a deeper and broader sense of their stories and their precious place in the web of life that holds the great community of beings;
  • as they listen to the questions they carry;
  • and as they become more familiar with the gifts that are theirs to offer.

Her leadership reflects an attentiveness to Spirit’s vibrant activity among us, making possible our wholeness and hope in the thick challenges of these days. At heart, she is always a learner with herself and with others.

This event is underwritten by the Ashley Endowment.

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