Miracles Arising

This morning I headed out to run a quick errand. My mind was focused on accomplishing my task quickly so I could get back home to the lengthy “to do” list that awaited me. I wasn’t expecting that pesky diversion to produce sudden moments of awe, but that’s exactly what happened.

I noticed three deer serenely grazing at the side of the road. Then a bird flew just overhead, a streak of brilliant red catching my eye. The most delicate layer of green was just pushing through a ground waking from its very long winter slumber. And there up above, amongst the drab brown of trees that surrounded me, were the tiniest buds of life, hopeful signs of spring finally emerging.

The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof…

That 24th Psalm sprung to mind as these glimpses of God’s abundant Creation interrupted my haste and caused me to notice the beauty all around me. The advent of Spring has a glorious way of doing that, of slowing us down enough to witness the miracles arising. Having endured yet another (especially long) Minnesota winter, we marvel at the slow emergence of dazzling color and bursting life. As people of faith, we’re moved to give thanks for God’s incredible gifts, and reminded that God has called us to be mindful stewards of this precious and vulnerable earth.

Next month, our Annual Meeting will focus on our role as faithful stewards of God’s Creation. On June 9-10 at the College of St. Benedict in St. Joseph, we’ll hear from an amazing speaker and role model in this work, Rev. Michael Malcolm, who founded The People’s Justice Council, a non-profit focusing on environmental justice. We’ll talk in small groups about how our churches and we as individuals are caring for the earth. And as we gather together as the Minnesota Conference UCC community, we’ll also tend to our relationships, learn from one another, be strengthened for our ministries, and feel God’s powerful presence and encouragement among us.

I hope you’re planning to be present at Annual Meeting this year.  Our gathering will not be complete without your presence and your voice. Every congregation, every authorized minister, every faithful member is needed and welcome at our Conference table. Register now. I can’t wait to see you!

Grace and peace,

Reverend Shari Prestemon


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