The Congregational Church, UCC-Rochester Offers Two Faith Formation Video Series

The Congregational Church, UCC-Rochester is generously offering two faith formation video series free to interested congregations. Both series were produced in collaboration with Dr. Sarah Ruble, a professor at Gustavus Adolphus College.

The first series, “Race and Christianity in the United States,” was developed after the murder of George Floyd. Ruble wanted to do something about race, Christianity, and the church, says The Congregational Church co-pastor Andrew Greenhaw. Together with a volunteer videographer, Ruble produced eight episodes and brought them to the Rochester church for discussion after worship for several months.

The videos were extremely well received, says Greenhaw. “The series spurred a lot of conversation. They are academically rigorous but from a Christian perspective. They don’t shy away from the bad things, but they also share a sense of hope and responsibility and concern for the wider church.”

This experience inspired Ruble to do more, but she was limited by her videographer’s volunteer time. “We decided as a church to provide funding and a videographer, and Sarah would provide the content for a second series,” says Greenhaw. “Ryan Bliss, a member of church and freelance videographer, stepped forward to help.”

In this second series, each of the six 15-minute videos discusses a question that begins similarly with “How did we get…” The series helps people understand the central principles of Christian doctrine in historical context and how they relate to the present, says Greenhaw. “Each video takes on a different topic. How did we get the trinity? Christology? Original sin? Separation of Judaism? Justification for faith? Liberal and conservative Christianities?”

The first video premiered April 24 and Greenhaw expects all six will be available in early June. The church will post them to its website as they are ready. The videos can be used free-of-charge.

Access the “Race and Christianity in the United States” video series here.

The new series, “How did we get…” will be posted to The Congregational Church’s website.

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