Sacred Sites Tour to Explore Indigenous Experience in Minnesota

Minnesota Conference UCC members are invited to experience a sacred sites tour with Rev. Jim Bear Jacobs of the Minnesota Council of Churches (MCC) on Sunday, October 3, 1-5 pm.

The tour is part of the MCC’s “Healing MN Stories” program, an effort to create understanding and healing between Native American and non-Native people, particularly those in faith communities. This particular tour will be for Minnesota Conference UCC members only.

As the Healing Minnesota Stories webpage states: “Native people have suffered deep trauma over many years, losing their land, language, and culture, and all who call Minnesota home are the lesser for it. While many people and institutions contributed to that trauma, it happened with the full participation of Christian churches. We all still in need of healing, healing is doable, and churches have a role to play in healing.”

This opportunity is offered as part of the Conference’s commitment to racial justice and equity. All sites visited in the sacred sites tour are located in the Twin Cities, around the confluence of the Mississippi and Minnesota rivers, what the Dakota refer to as Bdote, or “meeting place of rivers.”

Registration is required by September 30 and limited to 30 people. The tours are entirely outdoors and designed for adults and older youth (16+). Per person cost is $40; registration fees will be donated to support the Healing Minnesota Stories program.

The Minnesota Conference UCC deepens connections within and beyond the Church that foster listening, healing justice, and spiritual transformation.

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