Board of Directors Announces Pandemic Relief Loan Program for Churches

The Conference Board of Directors voted on Saturday, May 2, to establish a pandemic relief loan fund for Conference congregations. The loans are designed to provide critical financing for congregations suffering a short-term financial crisis during this pandemic.

This effort represents an outstanding collaboration between the Conference, the national setting of the United Church of Christ, and the UCC’s Cornerstone Fund. The Conference and national setting are both providing funding to seed the loan fund; the Cornerstone Fund will administrate the loan application and approval process. Conference members will also have an opportunity to generously contribute to the loan fund as they are able.

“I am inspired by all the partners who have come together to make this initiative possible,” Conference Minister Shari Prestemon says. “It’s a beautiful image of covenant hard at work—multiple settings of the United Church of Christ all focused on helping our churches through this unimaginable time. It makes me so grateful to be part of a Conference willing to go the extra mile when churches need us most, and to be part of a denomination ready to walk that mile with us. This is the Church at its best!”

More details about the loan program are available HERE. Opportunities to give to the loan fund will be announced soon. The application process will begin in the coming 7–10 days.

If you would like to learn more these programs or wish to contribute to the fund, contact Conference Minister Shari Prestemon or Development Officer Bob Olsen.

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