COVID-19: Info & Resources for Minnesota Conference UCC Members

These are unparalleled times for our nation and world. The COVID-19 pandemic has rightly seized our attentions as we watch its impacts ripple across our globe. Here at home in Minnesota, we are also feeling the effects of this crisis.  Governor Walz and health officials in Minnesota have issued new recommendations that call for more stringent social distancing and the cancellation or postponement of:
  • Large events where 250 people or more would gather
  • Smaller events (fewer than 250 people) that are held in spaces that do not allow social distancing of 6 feet per person
  • Events with more than 10 people where the majority of participants are at higher risk for severe illness (the older population and those with underlying chronic illnesses)
These important guidelines have implications for our life together in the Minnesota Conference UCC and for our congregations:
  • Churches are urged to strongly consider suspending in-person worship and other scheduled events through the end of March. At that time, all of us can reassess the situation based on guidance from the Minnesota Department of Health and current realities.
  • The Conference office will be closed as of Tuesday, March 17, until Wednesday, April 1, at which time we will reassess. We will continue to operate during this time with all staff working remotely from home. Staff can best be reached during this time utilizing email; simply let us know via email if you desire a phone call and we will respond promptly to a number you provide.
  • All Conference meetings and events will be cancelled until April 1, at which time we will reassess. Conference staff will not be available to visit congregations, for previously scheduled engagements or otherwise, during this same time.

Conference Minister Shari Prestemon is hosting Zoom calls for interested clergy in the coming days to provide mutual support and resourcing.

  • For congregational pastors: Tuesday, March 17, @ 11 am (click here for Tuesday Zoom link or go to and use Meeting ID #756-291-801)
  • For chaplains: Tuesday, March 17, @ 5 pm (click here for Tuesday evening chaplain link or go to and use Meeting ID #287-887-897)
  • f you do not have the capacity for video-conferencing or wish to simply call in to these meetings, you may call 1-646-876-9923 or 1-669-900-6833 at the designated times.
Resources for livestreaming worship and other events
  • Learn how to livestream worship and other events with this YouTube video
  • View this great tutorial about how to get started with online worship
  • Music copyright information from Chalice Press
  • The Pilgrim Press has worked with partner One License to increase accessibility of permissions to project and/or stream hymns during worship. One License is offering two gratis license options to congregations through April 15, 2020: a Reprint License and a Podcast/Streaming License. As a reminder, The Pilgrim Press cannot grant an ‘umbrella permission’ for the projection and/or streaming of all hymns in a Pilgrim-produced hymnal (such as The New Century Hymnal). The Pilgrim Press does not hold the copyright on all hymns within its hymnals, and we may not grant permissions for hymns that do not belong to The Pilgrim Press. Please visit our partner, One License, to seek permission for reprinting, projecting, and/or streaming individual hymns. Please visit for a direct link to this offer from One License.

Resources for faith formation

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