Courage to Lead: A Retreat Series for Faith Leaders

Opening Retreat:
April 27–30, 2020
Monthly peer calls in between
Closing Retreat: October 5–8, 2020

Applications due March 31, 2020. To apply or learn more, please visit Due to generous funding from the Ashley Endowment, authorized ministers and other staff or volunteer leaders serving congregations within the Minnesota Conference UCC will receive a 50% scholarship for this retreat series.

Are you a congregational leader (clergy, staff, or volunteer) trying to sustain yourself in the midst of institutional tensions, relational expectations, and the internal pressure you feel to make a difference? Courage to Lead: A Retreat Series for Faith Leaders offers a rare opportunity to renew, reflect, and reconnect with what matters most to your vocation over a six-month time period.

The 2020 retreat series will offer two in-person retreats and monthly peer-learning calls. Participants will become acquainted with or renew their experience with the Circle of Trust approach, developed by the Center for Courage & Renewal, and its unique ability to create safe space and relational trust. Participants will learn the practice of asking honest open questions, learn to listen to our inner teacher, and embrace paradox as a frame to understand ministry. In addition, participants will listen and be listened to by a community of other congregational leaders.

Retreats are hosted at Camp Onomia in Onamia, MN and facilitated by Winton Boyd and Greg Eaton.

“The Courage & Renewal retreat series offered me needed space where I could be emotionally and spiritually vulnerable without judgement,” said Rev. Sheri Nelson about her experience as part of 2018/2019 cohort. Another participant said, “This series has been both delightful and formative for me. The continued consistency, the ongoing witnessing of my journey has been such a blessing and gift. This series enables me to take my full self – heart and soul – into my ministry of continued work in the world.”

Rev. Coqui Conkey, another 2018/2019 participant, reflected on her experience and offered an invitation to other congregational leaders. “I find Courage and Renewal work so rewarding that I continue to seek out opportunities to participate in retreats and workshops. The best I can do is encourage you to experience this process, discover more about yourself, and learn new ways to be present with others.”

Please consider experiencing this sustaining and life-giving work for yourself. Detailed information regarding cost, location, facilitators and registration available here. Please contact Rev. Kevin Brown with any questions.

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