Minnesota UCC Border Trip, Border Requests

2017 Border Trip Participants

On November 14, 36 people from seven UCC congregations and several other faith communities will convene at Operation Streamline at the Federal Criminal Court in Tucson, AZ where our border trip under the leadership of Rev. Randy Mayer of The Good Shepherd, Sahuarita, AZ  will begin. We will participate in a desert walk, listen to members of the Sierra Club share the damage that the border wall has created for people living along the border, for immigrants, for the earth, and for wildlife.  We will be visiting asylum seekers living in shelters on the Mexican side of the border. We will join SOAWatch participants at a rally outside of the Eloy Detention Center, and for activities at the border and educational workshops.

It has been a challenging time for both immigrants and churches near the border. After a “credible fear” interview and at least 20 days in some form of detention, ICE has been dropping off immigrants by the hundreds into the welcoming hands of many of our UCC congregations along the border. They have provided shelter, food, clothing, medical care, and assistance to the immigrants with contacting their sponsors who are located throughout the US. This work continues, and soon there will be the challenge of supporting the efforts of immigrants who are a part of the Central American caravan. The needs will continue to multiply.
Our group of 36 people intend to support the work of the Good Samaritans out of The Good Shepherd Congregation in Sahuarita, AZ. Rev Mayer has indicated that they provide food, clothing, toiletries, blankets, and tooth brushes for those who are dropped off. Many of us will bring money with us to support this work. If you want us to take funds from you with us, make out a check to The Good Shepherd and on the bottom line indicate The Good Samaritans. Contact Diane Haines, Chair of the MN Conference Immigration Team, via email. You can also go to the website, and donate electronically. This is one way you could show that our denomination is immigrant welcoming, and they will be very grateful.
Please pray for the health and safety of our immigrant brothers and sisters, as well as for our leaders to have open hearts and minds to the plight of those fleeing conditions that are linked to our foreign policies.
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