Annual Meeting 2018 – WHAT A WEEKEND IT WAS!

It was exciting, it was rich, it was fun, and it was wonderful to be with many people from across the Conference.  We certainly can’t recreate the weekend in an article, but here are a few of the highlights from Annual Meeting 2018.

On Friday evening, a panel of four of representatives from four of our Minnesota churches shared how they are acting in faith in this moment.  Also, everyone was asked to share through messages on ribbons what they are doing in their churches.

On Saturday morning, Shari Prestemon, our Conference Minister, shared her State of the Conference address.  You can view the script of that message here.   Shari shared an update on our strategic goals and kept us informed about all that is relevant and happening in our Conference.

Three youth who attended the March for Our Lives event in Washington, D.C. shared there experience of being part of a large movement on a national level and how that experience touched their lives.

Budget meetings (view the narrative budget here) and resolution hearings (view the MN Renewable Energy Standard Resolution and the Gun Violence Resolution) happened.  The budget was approved and the resolutions were approved (with minor changes).  We also ratified the UCC’s constitutional amendments.

Ben Guess shared his message and led us in table top discussions about acting in faith.  Pamela Cook and Janice Steele led outstanding Bible studies on Saturday and Sunday morning.  And then there was worship and singing and praising!  Oh what a Spirit filled time it was.

Attendees were invited to give generously to three separate causes.  On Friday evening we collected $1,280.30 for the Annual Fund; on Saturday we collected $780.30 for CUE (Chicago, United and Eden Seminaries); and on Sunday morning we collected $3,179, which was then matched by the Board for a total of $6,358 in support of the Liddles’ ministry in East Timor.  What abundant generosity!

And through it all there was this great experience of being together, in THIS moment, acting in faith.  Thank you to all the churches that sent delegates and all who attended our wonderful annual get-together.  Mark your calendar for next year.

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