Exploring God’s Call in a Changing World

Welcome to The Damascus Project!

Join us as we walk the road of faith together

We are a collaborative leadership development effort of the Minnesota and Wisconsin Conferences. Our mission is to develop an outcome based, integrative, holistic approach to leadership development. This approach is grounded in our rich Christian tradition as it engages in vital conversation with the blessings, joys and sorrows of today’s church and the world.

We have developed an innovative approach to teaching and learning that is outcome based and grounded in the Marks for Faithful and Effective Authorized Ministers. We are convinced that these Marks are foundational for all people of faith regardless of their sense of call. We are in the process of implementing and assessing our approach and are inviting people of faith in both Minnesota and Wisconsin to join us on this exciting journey.

Register by July 30, 2018 for the first prototype course and join this emerging learning community:

Exploring God’s Call in a Changing World

Rev. Dr. Sandra Graham, Facilitator and Instructor

September 15-December 8, 2018

This course will help participants learn how to fully engage in theological reflection and how to share this engagement with others. Beginning and ending with a weekend retreat, the course will also include 4 “online sessions” that focus on mindful listening and self-awareness as well as the ways in which others have explored their own sense of call throughout history and in the contemporary world.

Cost: $250 (does not include books and other materials or lodging or meals for two in-person sessions)

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