2020 Vision – Focuses on YASC

At our Annual Meeting in June, Conference Minister Rev. Shari Prestemon shared an exciting new strategic plan, “2020 Vision”, developed by staff and recently adopted by the Board of Directors.  This bold set of strategic objectives will be implemented by the year 2020.  We received a lot of wonderful feedback about these plans from Conference members at the Annual Meeting and since then.  We want to be sure we communicate our 2020 Vision to as many of you as possible, and invite you to consider where you and your congregation can engage in this important work.  Whether you are in a rural or metro setting, are a small church or large church, there is something here for you! You can view 2020 Vision HERE.  

Today we share the second in a series of information highlighting this work. Rev. Vicki Wunsch, Director of Leadership Development, has information to share about YASC (Young Adult Service Communities):

YASC are a unique opportunity for young adults to grow professionally, grow spiritually, and grow personally by living intentionally in community with others who share a commitment to service and social justice and serve in local nonprofit agencies, which are dedicated to justice advocacy and collaborative action. Together, participants find the space to reflect on questions of meaning and to network for change.

This fall Macalester Plymouth United Church in St. Paul is a host church for our first YASC volunteer.  By next fall, we hope to engage 3-4 congregations in a collaborative involvement in YASC.

Details about YASC are available here.  If your congregation is interested in being part of this exciting new initiative or for more information, please contact Vicki Wunsh via email or by calling her at 612-871-0359.

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